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I have been playing and making music since the age of 8, when I first started receiving cello lessons from my dad. Throughout my childhood and adolescence in Glasgow I played with numerous bands, orchestras and ensembles, before leaving to study music and English literature at the University of Sheffield, specialising in composition.

In 2013 I moved to London where I began playing with Tatcho Drom, one of the UK's leading exponents of Romany music from Eastern Europe, the Balkans and beyond. I also became closely involved with London's improv comedy and theatre scene, providing live improvised music for groups such as Austentatious, Notflix, Music Box and the Dreamweaver Quartet.

As a composer and arranger I have written original music for novelist and playwright Carole Bulewski, short film Mulo, and Cat Loud's To The End of the World!, which won VAULT Festival's Origins Award 2018. I also write and perform with my own group Try Happy, who released our first EP, Thankyou, in 2018, and will follow with a debut album in early 2020.

This year I am working on my first theatre piece, a personal and historical exploration of drinking culture and music in the UK and abroad, entitled Drinking Songs: A Musical History of Alcohol.



2010 - 2013 | University of Sheffield, BA(Hons) English literature and music


2014 - present | Tatcho Drom; cello

2014 - 2017 | Glitch: the Improvised Puppet Show; cello, ukulele, saw, autoharp, toy piano; London and Edinburgh Fringe 2016

2015 - present | Try Happy; piano, vocals

2016 - 2017 | Austentatious: an Improvised Jane Austen Novel; cello; UK tours and Edinburgh Fringe

2017 | Cat Loud's Wayward; piano; VAULT Festival, Brighton Fringe

2017 - present | Dreamweaver Quartet; piano

2018 - present | Notflix: the Improvised Musical; piano; Edinburgh Fringe 2018 and various UK dates

2018 - 2019 | The Crooners; piano; Edinburgh Fringe 2018 and Musical Comedy Awards

2018 - 2019 | Cat Loud's To the End of the World!; cello; VAULT Festival, Brighton Fringe, UK tour

2019 | Cat Loud's Torch Songs; piano; Prague Fringe

2019 | Johnny in: Boheme!; piano; Prague Fringe



2017 | Mulo; short film; composer

2017 | The Music of the Cosmos; trailer and live performance; composer

2018 | Cat Loud's To the End of the World!; theatre; arranger

2018 | Try Happy - Thankyou; EP; composer, arranger and lyricist

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